Stan was introduced to us by one of our regular models who works-out with him at the same gym each day. When we heard he had lost his cherry at sixteen to his best mate's 62-year-old grandmother during a family do we immediately knew that he was our kind of guy, in fact this 29-year-old lorry driver is so highly sexed that he needs to offload several times a day – wherever he finds himself.

Football mad ex-boxer Stan is easygoing, larger than life and boasts a girthy endowment that he claims all the women love and frankly this cuddly stud model seemed too good to be true. Sure enough our first meeting didn't go quite according to plan as big tough Stan told us he was a bit shy of a few extra pounds he was carrying and found himself paralyzed with nerves the moment the camera was focused on him. Therefore in his first update Stan strips and showers for us – revealing his large collection of tattoos – but our introduction to him is what you might call a soft and gentle one.

Stan is incredibly engaging and his stories so bawdy that if you like East End boys with filthy banter you will love listening to this adorable guy. He has some interesting tastes and odd quirks that we'll let him tell you about himself but we are already preparing his next gym work-out shoot plus a second shot at his first full solo.

Wherever I Lay My Hat

December 15, 2018 00:34
An indoor update with Stan for a change and he's grown back a full bush too. Film up now!

Bleak House

October 8, 2017 09:30
Stan's temporary excursion into bedsit land demands our inspection.

All Change

July 15, 2017 19:12
Eighteen months after our two week love affair in 2016 we catch up with Stan.

Third Time Lucky

January 23, 2016 23:25
It's Saturday morning and Stan shares with us his cure for a vicious hangover.

Introducing Stan

January 9, 2016 23:31
Larger than life East End lad Stan gives us a gentle first stage of his journey with us.

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