One of the unexpected surprises of this lockdown period has been lots of new people finding us – subscibers, as well as potential models for the website. The frustrating part for us is that we can't meet these willing participants immediately as we usually would, and so all we can do is relish the tease and begin the countdown.

Spencer was actually given our details by somebody who used to teach him (saucy!); they found him on Facebook and saw that he'd grown into a sexy and very cheeky exhibitionist and knew that he'd be perfect for TFE.

Spencer (27) is a self-employed carpenter with a delicious happy-go-lucky attitude to life. He tells us that he was one of those kids at school with concentration issues and that now he channels all his extra bubbling energy into clubbing and festivals.

Spencer's kinky side got kick-started at 21 while he was working as a barman in a smart wine bar. One evening he struck up a conversation with a respectable looking couple in their fifties who said they admired his manner and skills and could perhaps use him for some private parties of their own. Shortly after exchanging numbers Spencer was surprised to get a text from the hubby to explain the real reason he'd given the cute barman his number: he wanted Spencer to join the couple in a threesome. We want to hear the whole story from the horses mouth soon...

Spencer Meets Louise

December 27, 2020 02:21
Part one: See how steamy it gets for Spencer and Louise on their first meet.

Birthday Boy

July 17, 2020 16:44
We travel to meet another lockdown discovery, Spencer at his own home, on his 28th birthday.

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