Simon (22) hasn’t been able to find exactly what he wants to do with his life yet and for the past few years has been working in the building trade. After a bitterly cold winter and too much time spent outdoors he’s decided enough is enough: he is taking a few months off and heading to the Far East for a holiday with the lads.

Simon is a sweet horny puppy of a lad who is hard to pigeonhole: he says he wants a simple life free of materialism and then confesses he's addicted to BMWs and can't wait to upgrade soon. He doesn’t currently have a girlfriend but is still enjoying loads of regular sex on the swinging scene partially due to the fact that he's been blessed in the trouser department.

His attitudes to relationships and future marriage are very interesting: he sees so many of his friends unable to stay faithful that he almost doesn’t see the point of pursuing a full time girlfriend. Instead he pursues sex online with women of all ages – in fact he doesn’t even bother to masturbate as there's always somebody happy to relieve him a few times a week or a hubby desperate to be cuckolded. Welcome to 2019.

Simon's Last Solo

July 13, 2019 19:31
Film: We try to inspire young Simon one more time as he looks for a new job.

Little Boy Blue

May 25, 2019 07:44
The sky is blue but unfortunately so is our melancholy model Simon.

Meet Simon

February 16, 2019 15:23
Meet Simon: a vanilla horny puppy of a lad who loves fast cars and a very varied sex life.

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