Handsome Seth says he spent most of his childhood looking like the Milky Bar kid’s ugly brother which is somewhat hard to believe. His love life didn't kick off however until the very respectable age of sixteen when he was seduced by an older girl in a hot tub: “A quick in-and-out moment," remembers Seth, "in a totally perfunctory manner.” 

Fully formed at eighteen this 6’4 beauty got involved with the local rugby team which finally gave him the camaraderie and self-belief that he needed to really show off his talents to the ladies and he's basically been addicted to hardcore female attention ever since.

Now twenty-five and brimming with confidence Seth works long hard hours as a self-employed electrician and likes to hit the nightclubs and party hard with his rugger mates to unwind. Perhaps eager to catch up on the teenage years of fun he may have missed out on, Seth is more likely to initiate impromptu orgies with his mates and their girlfriends on a Saturday night rather than wait for the perfect Mrs Right to come along – oddly enough few of them refuse his wild invitiations...

One of our readers put forward Seth's name for some modelling while he was rewiring her garden lights and he agreed to meet us at the housewife's home for a coffee and a few test pics while he finished the job. Seth is clearly so comfortable in his own skin, very open-minded and being a spur-of-the-moment kinda guy we ended up having an impromptu kit-off shoot. Our hostess even let Seth take a shower for a finale to our session.

Seth's first scene featured portraits, lifestyle photographs and some soft nudity only but this was a natural and sexy way to get to know this lovely chap – subsequently our new discovery has progressed to full solo scenes.


A Soak With Seth

June 19, 2016 08:59
Watching Seth relax in long hot bath after work is very nice indeed.

At Home With Seth

May 15, 2016 20:29
Seth's new film and solo is now complete: Enter Bryan, one of Seth's rugby pals.

Introducing Seth

May 2, 2016 07:24
Nothing like a Bank Holiday for some DIY and a first meeting becomes an impromptu feature.

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