Sebastian was just twenty-two when we first met him. From a very traditional family he was waiting to find out if he had been accepted into one of the more exclusive academies of British Army training thus making him a very eligible bachelor indeed; you can almost hear the peeling bells of a country church in the near future as some Emily or Sophie marries her knight in shining armour.

We caught sight of the newly graduated student quite by chance on a sunny afternoon in one of England's oldest and grandest cities. We were sure we had seen him somewhere before and immediately struck up a conversation with this virtual stranger trying to book a photo shoot. With his dark blonde hair, honey skin and slender worked out frame you would think he would be used to lots of attention, but this incredibly polite and well spoken chap seriously thought our impromptu request was a hoax.

Sebastian approaches his nude modelling with an almost militaristic pragmatism – a task that has to be done to make some money for his future while his body is in its prime, which leads us to believe that he will be perfect in his future role. So, before Sebastian becomes a British soldier or settles down with a wife who will surely curb his exhibitionist tendencies, here is the young man peeling off his pinstripes as a Full English model, especially for our subscribers. Check out his portfolio for his main feature film.

Sebastian's Personal Album

October 12, 2009 22:00
Sebastian offers us a delicious peek into his past life with some carefully chosen photographs.

An Eligible Bachelor

September 27, 2009 22:00
Gorgeous honey-skinned Sebastian is looking forward to a distinguished career.

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