We've been talking to nineteen-year-old Sean for many months so when he said he had a course to attend in London we jumped at the chance to finally meet him – we also upgraded him to the best hotel in the area.

Sean seems to have very sad eyes and although family life has been tough over the years he actually has a very positive outlook and a network of such supportive mates that he considers himself a very lucky boy. After leaving school he went straight to college and has completed a three year course in car body work – he says he loves getting his hands dirty – but he has already applied to the army as he believes it will make a proper man of him.

Sean lost his cherry in his early teens to a more experienced girl behind a Morrison's supermarket but subsequent mature seductions have given him a taste for women over the age of thirty so it's no wonder that he's applied to be featured in a Housewife's Choice scene. Sean doesn't have an ounce of fat on his slender boyish frame and with his peachy cute face we think he'll make an old girl very happy indeed.


Kinky Call Out

November 12, 2017 00:01
Sean agrees to a private solo show for a couple of our readers on their house boat.

Introducing Sean

February 21, 2016 22:18
Nineteen-year-old Sean explains why he thinks he can take on a woman three times his age...

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