Fans of blond carpenter Carl on the site may remember the moment in his interview film when he tells us of a naked sumo-wrestling session on the sitting room floor with his best mate (both nineteen at the time) while his mother sat watching TV. Unsurprisingly this tale went down very well with our viewers so we thought the least we could do was to try and track down the buddy in question.

Saul is a similar build to Carl – they are both endomorphic rugby boys but it just so happens we have had many requests for heavier lads Carl was adamant that Saul's wife would object to her hubby modelling, but as it happens, both these guys' wives have actually been so turned on that their hubbies are stripping for the public that their sex lives have got even hotter.

There are lots more tales to be told from the lads' rugby playing days including adventures in 'nude olympics' but trying to get them together for a filmed chat has been almost impossible as both boys have been waiting for the birth of their second child. Now that the tots have safely arrived the only question we want answered is will they wrestle naked for TFE once again?

Saul is King

May 12, 2018 07:00
For those who were thrilled to see the return of Saul, here is another less rushed film and solo.

Home Run

April 28, 2018 08:02
We catch Saul on his way home after a long hot day on the scaffolding.

Up and Down Memory Lane

August 13, 2016 13:20
Saul takes us back to a favourite childhood play spot for this gentle summer update.

Saul at Christmas

December 23, 2012 20:34
Saul's lovely wife loans us her hubby for a few hours as a special Christmas gift.

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