Sam S

We met Sam while travelling on a train to Surrey in 2013. He was curious about the camera equipment we were carrying and asked what kind of work we did. Within just a few days we had met up again for a drink with a view to photographing him for the website.

If you like naughty lads from good backgrounds you'll love this Sam. At the time he couldn't help getting into scrapes and yet he was holding down an excellent job and at the age of twenty-two had already bought himself a house.

We actually photographed Sam at his mum's house – in his old bedroom no less – and were more than a little reticent about meeting his mother; what on earth would she have to say about us turning up to film her son?! As it happened she thought our TFE project was incredibly sexy and by the time Sam was on the website her girlfriends at work were all signing-up to see the action too.

Sam was not confident about his looks at first but we reassured him he had some great assets. He has the perfect young man's body: lean with a springboard tummy, cute boyish bum and a substantial dick he can hardly keep down. He wiggled and spread for the camera with great ease and enthusiasm.

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