Sam D

Sam recently contacted us about appearing on the website when one of his 'fans' recommended us to him. Sam started web-camming a few years ago to make some extra pennies and has gradually accumulated over 35,000 fans across the world with whom he communicates on a daily basis. He operates from his basement flat that he shares with his gorgeous girlfriend. 

Sam loves playing golf, in fact he enjoys almost any kind of sport and says it's a great way of keeping in shape for his modelling work. He works out at the gym most days and has even put on some extra weight recently, just to please his fans. He has just re-grown a full classic seventies hairy chest too which has driven his fans (not to mention his other half) into overdrive – so it's staying.

At first this ex-private schoolboy roped in his missus for his webcam shows but he says the calls from his punters for solo entertainment have been greater. So now his girlfriend often returns home from her stressful office job of an evening, hoping to find some TLC from her lover, only to find him 'shagged out' from cybersex and not wildly in the mood for much love-making. Ah the pressures of alternative modern relationships...

Best Friend Sleepover

April 27, 2019 08:47
Sweet talking Sam persuades his best girl-pal Daisy to film a scene with him.


February 2, 2019 17:53
Full film: We're back at Sam's for round two and we're digging deeper...

Introducing Sam

December 1, 2018 13:37
Sam is used to being on cam but having a photographer in his own flat is quite different...

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