This elfin-faced Englishman is Sam – Doctor Sam when he's at work. This young scientist studied biology for eight years to earn his position and spends most of his days hidden away in laboratories. Having done a little part-time modelling in the past it still took us a good few months to persuade him to pose for us.

Sam enjoyed a traditional upbringing and was the quiet brainbox in the school classroom. Most of the kids found it hard to read him but he recalls how a certain group of girls took him under their wing inviting him to hang out with them after school. This proved to be quite fortuitous for the young Sam; as close bonds were formed it was only a matter of time before one of the precocious girls stole his virginity.

Sam loves travelling and is sports mad – watching and participating. He plays tennis,volleyball and runs several marathons a year maintaining his uber-lean athletic body – there is not one inch of fat on him. If you like men who are impenetrable, studious and introverted you are going to love getting to know the toned and hirsute Doctor Sam quite intimately.



February 10, 2018 09:12
Sam jumps in the shower and lets us watch him getting ready for his conference.

Dr Sam 2018

January 27, 2018 09:34
We stop by Dr Sam's hotel room where he is attending a conference to touch base.

Dr Sam's Pit Stop

October 3, 2015 14:24
Sam stops to refuel and offload in this off-chance catch up film.

Dr Sam's Home Visit

December 9, 2012 16:35
Doctor Sam makes a home visit to see fuck-buddy, single mum Charlotte for a hot barebacking session.

Sam's Attic Room

February 1, 2011 23:44
Sam's sneaks us up to his the top floor of his lodgings out away from the prying eyes of his Christian landlady.

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