It was actually Ryan's own stepmother who put his name forward as an ideal candidate for the The Full English back in 2010 and it was soon evident that posing was going to be a breeze: exhibitionism was simply the next step in this 24-year-old's colourful sexual journey which had begun after he was seduced on a pool table, after closing time in his mother's pub.

Perhaps it is because he was seduced so early in life that Ryan is often sexually bored and ready to experiment. He shrugs off his bad boy image but every one of his mates knows not to leave him alone with their girlfriends (or their mums) as his reputation of seducing women has made him a legend in his circle of friends.

Aside from older women Ryan is passionate about contact sports. He enjoys Jujitsu and kick boxing and plays ice-hockey at a semi-professional level but he is arguably the happiest when he is underneath the bonnet of a car with engine oil under his fingernails, in fact cars and motorbikes played such a huge part in Ryan's young life that it is no wonder he has ended up working as a mechanic.

At the time of his modelling, Ryan had finally settled down with a gorgeous mum – twice his age – and the strength of their bond and the constant twinkle in their eyes was obvious to all who saw them together. When we shot his solo at home the two lovers simply couldn't keep their hands off each other.


A Deeper Understanding

December 20, 2011 12:38
There's a helping hand from his mature lover for Ryan's first solo performance.

Private Ryan

December 19, 2011 12:45
Ryan's face-to-face interview from five years ago is a perfect prologue to his solo.

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