When young Robert sent us some Facebook pics with a view to modelling he told us he was about to enrol for military service, so we quickly travelled to his hometown before it was too late. Looking through his private gallery photographs we can see that Robbie is one of those chaps who can look like four different people depending on his weight, haircut and facial hair. 

Twenty-one-year-old Robert has a ridiculously fast metabolism and today he is super-skinny and trying to gain the extra pounds as he prepares for army life. He had just completed a 25-mile-bike race the day before we met which probably wasn't helping him maintain the bulk he wanted but at least he is always super fit.

Robbie is one of those quiet, thoughtful chaps who enjoys his own company, reading and playing his guitar. For his most recent holiday he booked one plane ticket for himself and relished finding adventures on the hoof. Robbie lost his cherry at thirteen and has enjoyed a steady flow of young ladies ever since who have found he has very nice surprise for them hiding in his trousers. Rather like Clark Kent, Robert is bespectacled, polite and unassuming to most who meet him but get him to remove his glasses and his clothes and this quiet office boy becomes a bit of a Superman.

Robbie's Personal Album

November 10, 2013 19:18
See how many looks Robbie can pull off as he allows us a look into his own private album.

Meet Robbie

November 10, 2013 17:50
Robbie is the classic bespectacled office boy with a wonderful surprise hiding in his trousers.

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