Richie's natural affinity with the sea and outdoor life is probably due to his parents moving to Spain shortly after he was born. This energetic, sporty lad enjoyed a childhood of relative freedom bathed in warm Mediterranean sunshine, but when the family returned to Blighty thirteen years later to settle in Cornwall, the contrast of climes proved to be a chilly shock and furthermore English school life and the need to suppress his natural exuberance proved to be a very tough task indeed. 

The onset of puberty and being surrounded by pretty females didn't help matters: he couldn't resist chatting the girls up during lessons, and as he discovered alcohol he confesses his behaviour deteriorated. But because he was bright and made all his grades he says it was impossible for the teachers to expel him – and being a real cutie and a charmer didn't hurt too much either.

Cornwall is a Mecca for British surfers and with the beach on his doorstep, fifteen-year-old Richie finally found an outdoor pursuit that he could embrace passionately and give him some direction in life. By the time he was eighteen, competitive Richie was so accomplished a surfer that he attracted sponsorship and was given the opportunity to travel the world to see the kind of places  – and women – he had only dreamed about.

Having lost his cherry at a very early age to a girl two years his senior under an olive tree one hot sweaty night in Spain, Richie developed a taste for slightly older girls whom he had no difficulty pulling. He recently managed to seduce his mature female boss in her office while working in a beach bar in his seaside town, thus totally compromising her, and threatening his job, but for Richie this kind of thrill is what life is all about.

As if riding the world's most dangerous waves wasn't scary enough Richie has gone walkabout in the Mexican jungle narrowly avoiding rebel camps full of drug lords and in Hawaii he jumped off a ninth floor balcony into a hotel swimming pool – naked! 

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