We've been chatting on-and off to cute pup Richard for over two years with a view to a feature but because his trade is closely affiliated to the military he is constantly on the move to different bases all over the UK and a meet-up has proved very elusive. He has just been posted to an army town nearer to us and upon hearing the news we were booking the first train to meet him.

Richard was brought up in an English county famous for its ale and pies and although he loves drinking and hanging out with the boys he's definitely not the riotous type; he would rather drink pints of cider in a traditional beer garden than go mad on the town. Richard admits he's a country boy at heart who loves spending time with his family and you can almost see the 2point4 children twinkling in his handsome blue eyes as talks about his future.

Twenty-five-year-old Richard lives in dorm style accommodation during the week and tries to get home to his very own house when he can at weekends (this is one very eligible young bachelor!) and he has already enjoyed two quite serious relationships. Even in our first non-nude meeting with the lad it's clear he's not used to having the spotlight shone on him but knowing that he does have a slightly kinky side (that he's promised to reveal to our readers in due course) is what makes this innocent meeting extra sweet.

A Boy's Own House

March 28, 2015 07:05
Richard invites us into his home and we finally learn what makes this quiet and reserved boy tick.

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