If you like cheeky oversexed squaddie types, you’ll just adore 23-year-old Reece. After spending an impressive five years overseas and having the time of his life, he is now absolutely loving the freedom to go wherever – and sleep with whoever – he wants to.

Reece is a self-confessed manwhore. Although he's anxious to point out that he has enormous respect for women and even had a serious relationship for a couple of years, he does admit that he just couldn't keep it in his trousers. He's decided to stick to fuck buddies for now and look for new experiences – as many times a week as possible.

Finding MILF is the name of the game for Reece – posh or skanky – this young man doesn't mind. He's tall and fit (check out those long Pied Piper legs) and with a flick of his extravagant floppy thick hair and a knowing wink, it's no wonder that a great number of bored housewives have been putty in his hands.

Our first film of Reece is also our very first hook-up with him. It's essentially a very honest frank chat about his life including one quite shocking story we've dubbed the lady with the lamp.  Reece thought it would be inappropriate to have a full solo on the first meet (!) but he did give us the most spectacular piss in the field where we were parked. Film up now.

Party Boy

December 19, 2020 13:45
Film: Reece arrives straight from work and gives us a delicious top-up session.

Reece Continued

September 5, 2020 08:11
More Reece for everyone. We're straight back for a proper solo shoot...

Introducing Reece

August 29, 2020 09:16
Who doesn't love a sex mad squaddie with boundless energy? Meet Reece.

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