Paul is one of the few lads who has managed to carve out a full-time career in the adult industry after we first photographed him for TFE in 2008. He was nineteen and working in a paint shop at the time, begging his boss for days off to come to London for the odd shoot and today he is a busy porn star getting up to all sorts.

Striking blue-eyed Paul had already cut his teeth stripping and pole dancing at clubs in the East Midlands for two years. At just seventeen he was used to having hundreds of overheated women of all ages screaming at him to rip his clothes off. It was not unusual for the odd frenzied woman to climb onto the stage and literally grab him by the balls, and the backstage confrontations from fans were often nothing less than sexual harrassment.

Paul is a thoroughly decent and loveable chap and he has retained a wide-eyed innocence in the face of an aggressive and consuming industry. Perhaps this is to do with his supportive mum who encouraged him early on in his stripping days. She once remarked: "You've inherited a gift from your father – you might as well make some money out of it..."

Paul at Home

July 21, 2012 00:00
The young stripper who grew up to be a real porn star invites us into his family home.

Paul's Personal Album

December 8, 2008 14:12
Only five pictures submitted by Paul from his past but they are real cuties...

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