Remember Andrew's little brother Patrick? In just two years he is barely recognisable from the young apprentice playing second fiddle to his wild alpha-male sibling in our hardcore threesome feature. Paddy was thrown in at the deep end for his first film for TFE before we'd had a proper chance to get to know him and to focus the lens on that seriously handsome face.

Dublin born Patrick has been living close to his brother in the UK for many years now ever since a tragedy shattered the boys' happy family life over a decade ago. Impressively self-sufficient and hardworking Paddy soon found himself a trade and started playing semi-pro football at weekends to unwind. Now he spends five nights a week in the gym bulking up his frame.

Patrick has been asking for a studio shoot in 'nice clothes' for some time and it's given us a chance to hear about this easygoing stunner's equally stunning sex life. It doesn't come as much of a surprise to find he's notched up over two-hundred women since losing his cherry at fifteen.

Housewife's Choice: Patrick

January 18, 2015 07:50
After a two year wait 68-year-old grandmother Irma is finally rewarded with the model of her choice.

Alone at Last

May 24, 2014 07:02
Two years on and twice the size: Patrick's solo in the spotlight

Big bro's little bro

March 2, 2012 07:06
We finally get to meet Andrew's little brother Patrick who is very adventurous in his own way.

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