Like many younger guys, when asked to describe their ideal girl Oliver will list the usual things: pretty, skinny, perfect sized breasts and not taller than me etc etc. Olly's dream date would all be all those things however he would prefer it if she was also bright green; he's obsessed with tattoos – the more the better, in fact a girl who looks like a beautiful amphibian might be just the ticket.

The genteel country village where eighteen-year-old Oliver has grown up wouldn't look out of place on a tin of shortbread but he has been drawn to a darker world of extreme body art and piercings for as long as he can remember. He recently announced to his family that as soon as he turned eighteen he would be dipping his toe in the ink pot. 'Drop Dead' are the first words he's had etched on his knuckles which pretty much sums up the reaction of his mother when she first laid eyes on them.


Ink Addict

July 13, 2014 14:09
Tattoo obsessed Oliver knocks one out with the natural ease and force that you'd expect from a young engine.

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