We met Nick several years ago when he was working in computer retail for a Saturday job. He was curious about how much hard drive storage we were buying and we soon got talking about photography. A few weeks later he approached us about taking his girlfriend's portrait for a birthday present and then he became fascinated with the adult side of our work.

Nick had met his teenage sweetheart at school where they sat side-by-side in class and had been together solidly for five years. He was therefore a very confident young man (and experienced lover) and urged us to give him some work. The subsequent shoot was a breeze and Nick was thrilled with the speed with which he could raise funds but sadly his other half wasn't quite so excited and shortly aftertwards, to make his life easier, we kindly took down his film.

That was two years ago and last week we got a phonecall to tell us he was now free and ready for some serious work – so here is he again, now in hi-resolution. At the time of the original shoot, Nick, like many teenage lads, didn't care much for his slender frame and was hoping to bulk up in the gym but to us, he looked like a sleek and slim beautiful prize greyhound!

A Single Man

October 22, 2016 06:09
Nick sneaks us past his bewildered housemates up to his room for some personal time.

Meet Nick

May 23, 2014 15:07
After a two year break young Nicholas says he is back to have a second stab at posing for us...

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