Nicholas has just turned nineteen and was about to finish his college course in engineering when we met him – he was still revising furiously for his final exam as we set up the lights in his room.

Nick talks with a sexy masculine south London accent but he is proud to be fifty-percent Irish and says the construction industry must be in his blood as his father is a builder and his mother is a very keen amateur interior designer; the family house is immaculate and clutter has to be kept to a minimum – or else!

Perhaps this is the reason he needs to break out and do 'something crazy' as he puts it. Nick is incredibly laid back and confident and was totally unfazed by a first meet and a full solo. Having lost his virginity at sixteen he says he has gained most of his sexual experience at weekend house parties in the wee small hours surrounded by sleeping or very drunk people and would like to try something sober and in broad daylight for a change. He adds that he would like to get a decent blowjob from an experienced woman who knows what she is doing. 


Introducing Nicholas

July 18, 2015 00:33
South Londoner Nicholas lets off steam now that his summer exams are over.

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