Mikey comes from a military family and he himself had just returned from a long spell serving his country when we first met him. He was looking for some light relief and a new girlfriend after ending a long term relationship and keen to find some new admirers across the world from his modelling on TFE to mend his broken heart. 

This easygoing cuddly guy didn't lose his cherry until he was eighteen and is apparently quite fearless and up for some crazy new challenges but also admits he really is an old fashioned romantic at heart and always falls deeply for the girls he takes an interest in. He tells us he is just about to buy his own place, that he is obsessed with New York City (check out the bed linen) and that he is a heavy cummer – thanks for telling us Mikey.

In his introductory film we find Mikey on February 13th in his temporary rented room agonising over how to win back a past girlfriend for Valentine's weekend with puppy-like exuberance and we advise him to be subtle about it. After an intimate solo at home the conversation continues over egg and chips down the pub; feel free to listen in. 


Indoor Play

July 29, 2017 14:42
Film up: Down into Mikey's man pad and playroom for one last solo.

Staying in Touch

June 11, 2017 06:56
Mikey invites us round to see his new duplex flat and tells us all about his upcoming trip to NYC.

My Melancholy Valentine

February 20, 2015 07:33
Military boy MIkey has just returned from a long spell serving his country and is looking for love.

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