Introducing our new model Mark in the style of one of the illicit encounters he enjoys so much – and quite regularly. We were given a very specific timeslot: a maximum of two hours, presenting an extremely limiting task for a photographer wanting to create some quality content and tell a good story. Nevertheless for a first meeting we were happy to give in to this interesting man's demands.

Mark is thirty and does something rather glamorous and high-powered in the city and enjoys a very settled home life – he just happens to be a serial exhibitionist and risk-taker. 'Serial' seems an appropriate word to use when describing Mark, as the fictional character Patrick Bateman kept coming to mind as we chatted to him. Mark loves labels and luxury and pragmatically described what he expected to gain from his session with us, and for a man who is so careful to cover his tracks and reveal so little about his private life he was very comfortable delivering an unselfconscious solo performance.

People in stressful positions often need to unwind in progressively more extreme ways and Mark is no exception: there is clearly so much more to him than meets the eye. We know he leads a mysterious and colourful life and we think that getting to know him is going to be like peeling off the layers of an exotic artichoke: slowly, one by one. 

Meeting Mark

February 14, 2017 19:47
City boy Mark is an interesting new character who enjoys no-strings hook-ups with mysterious women.

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