It’s been a while since we featured an alternative model and when we first made contact with Marcus a few years ago he had short hair and looked like a schoolboy. Now he seems to have blossomed into a male version of Maleficent. He wears only black, listens to Metal bands like Anthrax and when he feels motivated to buy in the hair products, loves nothing better than sporting a twelve-inch mohican about town.

Marcus is currently studying ancient history at university but his real passion lies in the music industry. He plays bass guitar and enjoys performing more than anything else and is now seriously thinking of quitting his studies.

Marcus was still a virgin when we first spoke to him which we found quite endearing. We had thought about filming his first experience for TFE but then we decided it was too cynical a move. He has subsequently lost his cherry in his first term of uni and is now so used to sex – three times a day no less with his f**k buddy girlfriend – that he found performing a solo quite unfamiliar. Apparently she can't enough of his tiny butt and substantial equipment.

Meet Marcus

December 17, 2017 13:20
Audition time: two years after a first chat we film our meet Marcus and film a solo.

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