When we first met strawberry blond Liam, his career was in state of limbo while he waited to hear if he had been accepted into the British Army. An altercation in a nightclub had set back his application and he was frustrated that his lfe had been put on hold. In preparation he was spending many  hours each day training in his local gym. Such was his commitent that once he had completed a training session he would shower, rest and then head to another gym and to work out with a different crowd of mates.

Best friend of fellow TFE model Andrew, Liam is very uninhibited when it comes to sex and although he loves girls his own age it isn't unusual for this innocent-faced blondie to be hit upon by older women wanting to mother him. Recently while he was still getting acquainted with a young lady at her own house party it was her very own mother who made the first move when all the guests had fallen asleep; the drunk 50-something woman locked Liam in the downstairs loo and demanded sex from the startled lad.

Wot no milf?

March 30, 2019 08:47
Best mates Andy and Liam entertain us with a double solo after our milf model fails to show up.

Liam Moves In

June 23, 2012 07:59
Six weeks into their relationship Liam and Millie invite us into their cosy love nest.

Focus on Liam

February 24, 2012 07:30
A brief meet with a future Royal Marine then it's straight into a studio shoot.

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