Lewis has been modelling professionally since he was twelve years old. He was one of those cute kids you might have seen in advertisements for Argos, Freeman's catalogue and various banks over a decade ago. Listening to his earlier experiences it's bizarre to find out how competitive the world of pre-pubescent modelling was; there would always be one particular kid who got all the best jobs and all the mums and dads would groan if he was there at the various auditions.

It's fair to say that not all of those child models would have grown up with such good physiques and now that Lewis is a big boy and bulging in all the right places he is in great demand from lots of fitness and underwear photographers for his muscular frame and pert round bottom. Lewis has become so obsessed with the gym that he plans to be a full-time personal trainer in due course but for now dreams of being on the cover of Men's Health magazine.

Lewis made sure he got rid of his virginity quite early with a cute girl (in her mother's bed!) and he has the healthy sexual apetite you would expect of any lad his age but all that extra testosterone he creates from pumping iron makes him an extra-horny little devil; he says he should put a red light outside his bedroom at home to warn his parents not to come in. Most recently he gatecrashed a hen party and then bedded one of the guests (aged forty-five no less) after finding himself back at her place.

Being a fitness freak Lewis obviously also appreciates a girl with a firm body and he tells us he likes to place his tongue inside his lover for as long its takes to say the alphabet as a prelude to his lovemaking. "The ladies apparently seem to like my wide back and small waist" says Lewis, soon adding how much they also like his big willy.

Although nearly twenty-two years of age with distinct signs of a goatee beard on it's way Lewis's constantly flushed cheeks are still coated in blond bum-fluff giving him a very youthful appeal. He was initially been approached by many photographers to appear fully nude and was always apprehensive and nervous as to what his family might say. We were therefore delighted that he finally chose The Full English to make his full frontal debut.

Leaving the Nest

April 30, 2011 10:10
Lewis is now branching out and enjoying life away from the family home.

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