Laurence was just eighteen when he was first approached to make erotic hardcore films specifically for the hotel industry. With porn so easily available on our mobile phones today it seems bizarre that this service ever existed but he says he made about thirteen films in total. Standing at six feet six inches tall with size twelve feet, it's not hard to imagine why Larry was considered to be a rather special specimen.

Now twenty-three years of age Laurence is still your archetypal boy-next-door. His many friends from his days in the cadets and playing rugby are attracted to his easygoing fun-loving nature and the lads tease each other mercilessly with pranks that usually involve nudity in public places.

To our surprise Laurence was quite shy and found a solo shoot with us harder than his past work: "Do other chaps get nervous of their performance?" he gulped and then explained that his former scenes had been shot by an all-girl crew. Nevertheless we wondered if this was the same man who had been dared by his mates to walk around Tesco's with his penis hanging out of his jeans – which he did.

We’ve been talking to Laurence for over year and so it’s great to finally have a few hours out of his relentless schedule. This blue-eyed giant remains a man of mystery: is he married? A young dad? Is he a fireman? Hopefully soon we'll know a lot more about him. 

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April 18, 2020 08:13
Another mischievous tale from Laurence and a second meet in local woodland.


March 21, 2020 23:49
Standing at 6 ft 6 inches, Laurence is a model we've been trying to shoot for over a year.

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