Wooders had told us that a few of his friends were curious about his modelling assignments but it was his best buddy Kai who was the first to threw his hat into the ring. Kai is a fascinating mix of Jamiacan, English and Spanish. His dad is pure Jamaican but his mother's mixed blood has given the lad his amber gold eyes.

These pictures were taken one boiling hot day with Wooders and his colleagues (it was England's hottest so far that year) while they worked on a huge building project that kept them all miles from their hometown throughout the week. It turned out to be a good exercise for the younger lads of what it's like to have to wash your own clothes and cook your own food away from your mum.

Perhaps even less reticent than Wooders, Kai was very relaxed about peeling off for the cameras and whereas Wooders modelling hasn't gone down at all well with his own mother, Kai's mum thought it was highly amusing that her son has the confidence to pose professionally. Kai's interview and shower scene is not a full solo but he stands to attention tells us some interesting stories about his young sex life.

Building Buddies

June 1, 2012 22:27
A beer with the builders and we meet the striking half-Jamaican, quarter-Spanish Kai for the first time.

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