"You must meet and photograph an ex-boyfriend of mine," said Phoebe and then added "He's my soulmate". When we asked why, if she felt such a bond with him they were not still together, she explained that he lives in Wales and works 24/7 on his farm and she has no intention of ending up as a milk maid.

Joseph is a very laid back kind of a guy – the kind of self-sufficient man that can drive the girl who falls for him bananas. His attitude when it comes to romance he says can be summed up by three Fs: Find, fuck,forget.

Joes comes from the same part of the world (South Wales) as Max our other loveable Welshman but he stresses that whereas Max is a townie, he is by contrast, a valley boy. Describing him as a country boy though would be an understatement, Joe hunts and cleans his own meat – eating almost every last scrap from top to tail, much to Phoebe's disgust. 

Joe played semi-professional rugby for many years but turned down a few genuine offers to play at professional  level – he's promised to dig out some pictures of his horrendous injuries and three times broken nose.

Valley Boy: Part Two

March 3, 2018 13:39
Injury Time: Joe plays show-and-tell with his facial rugby scars before the main event.

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