We first spoke to Jonah just under a year ago when he was eighteen and had just arrived in England to start university. He sees stripping-off on camera as a trial-by-fire way of boosting his confidence and to prove he has the guts to bare all.

Jonah's dad works in international finance which means the family have been based all over the world for significant periods of time which gives Jonah a unique and philosophical attitude to life with a mindset rather like that of army offspring. After living in Australia, Europe, the USA and the Far East however, it's actually quite hard to work out where Jonah comes from by his accent alone – you'd be forgiven for thinking he was South African.

This PG-rated film, shot in the luxury London district where he currently resides, is just a brief introduction to this extremely mature and intelligent man. In due course we'll let him tell you how early on in life he was in touch with his own sexuality and how he still wishes for more confidence when he approaches the women he fancies. We are now waiting for this (usually) hairy bloke to grow back his surface treacle for all those enthusiasts who celebrate redheads.


Home Alone

August 29, 2015 12:27
The future's bright – the future's orange. Jonah has been hiding a nice secret.

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