Jamie H

We were first alerted to Jamie's performances on a couple of websites in 2012 and asked if we'd contact him for an in-depth feature and solo from this chap who 'exuded boy-next-door cuteness'. He emailed us back enthusiastically from Australia, where he was enjoying a year off and promised to call us upon his return.

Jamie comes from a very pretty Essex town and his fairly conservative family have no idea about his modelling work. He went to a smart boys' school and lost his virginity quite late but now he's a hardcore performer with quite a few scenes under his belt here and abroad, and his interview explaining how he went from quiet pup to porn actor is quite fascinating.

Despite his experience Jamie was surprisingly reluctant to give us a solo and having the cameras focused solely on him was an uncomfortable idea. He still is baffled as to why people had been following his adventures and tweets for so long and we explained that attracting obsessive fans is not unusual in this business. Jamie is a little heavier than we remembered him (too much boozing in Oz) and sadly he removes a lot of his lovely dark body hair but he is very comfortable in his own skin and a great example of a well brought-up boy who decided to seek out explicit adult work for the sheer enjoyment of it!  

The Reluctant Soloist

April 26, 2014 07:57
Unseen since 2014, Jamie is one of the last of our original models to have his folio upscaled.

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