Jamie is perhaps one of our most colourful characters: the archetypal cheeky British Lad and a football fanatic who won heaps of awards and medals throughout his youth (check-out his heaving trophy cabinet) and he was still playing for his county at a semi- professional level when we first met him. He went through, as he puts it, a 'very naughty phase' for a while during his teens but now he is hard at work in his skillful role as a bricklayer.

Jamie was one of those uber-blond kids at school – hair as white as a silver-skin onion, and he has managed to stay a strawberry blond right through to his young adulthood. He has also been lucky enough to have inherited a smooth honey complexion that tans easily and on the rare occasion when he stops laughing and joking his eyes open wide into huge Gollom-like pale blue sapphires.

Jamie has a voracious sexual appetite and says he has lost count after bedding two hundred women but he still plans to settle down, marry and stay faithful to one lady and raise a family as soon as he meets the right woman. While there is no doubting Jamie's charm he also has the cheek of the devil and recently while beavering away on a mature lady (a gynaecologist no less) he asked if she wouldn't mind him looking at a picture of his favourite page three model while he brought her off.

Jamie is the product of a generation that has been constantly exposed to internet porn and Big Brother celebrity lifestyle; he even auditioned for BB. In 2011 he was spending so much time surfing the web that his steady girlfriend went off and became a glamour model herself – just to annoy him. So although it feels like the next logical step for Jamie to indulge his fantasy of being an adult industry star, his most startling quality will always be his larger than life personality – the cheek and the banter – something that will take him a very long way whatever he decides to do in life.

Jamie's Progress

May 27, 2011 13:09
After eighteen months we're back at Jamie's for a very personal interview and solo while his folks are away.

Meet Jamie

September 12, 2009 12:39
Jamie's full portfolio is back up and this restored first shoot shows off Jamie's assets to hi-res perfection.

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