Country boy Jake is a handsome family orientated chap with very little spare time on his hands employing several builders and gardeners to help run his successful business. His enthusiasm to model is a bit Bipolar and he's terrible at planning ahead so the only way to pin him down was to arrange a shoot straight after work in the surrounding countryside while the spring weather was unseasonably warm. "But I'll be in the truck and I won't have showered or shaved!" he protested. "Sounds perfect!" was of course our response.

It took three attempts (and one aborted trip) to pin down handsome landscape gardener Jake as he prefers to make arrangements on impulse. We finally arranged a shoot straight after work on one of those extraordinary early sunny spring evenings with the stunning landscape where he grew up as a perfect backdrop. 

Jake's Impromptu Solo

May 2, 2015 13:37
Landscape gardener Jake takes us back to his country roots and throws an impromptu solo at sunset.

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