Jack W

It was while working in his local bar watching the Saturday night male strippers waving their todgers in the faces of excited women that ex-soldier Jack first thought about getting his kit off for cash. He trained at sixteen to become a plumber but his adventurous spirit got the better of him and he signed up for the army. Everything was going ticketey-boo until a recurring injury meant retirement from the forces when he was still only twenty-three.

Tall and attractive, Jack had been the best hung boy in the barracks and he was sure he could gain the confidence to follow in the footsteps of the performers on stage and when he expressed his curiosity in the stripping biz, the manager of the dance troupe wasted no time in signing him up. 

No matter how silly the costumes or cheesy the routines, there’s something enduringly sexy about the unassuming boy next door who suddenly erupts into the hard-bodied peacock stripper, overcoming the inevitable family blushes for power and autonomy. Jack's once private body parts have simply become tools for the job and impromptu willy-waving seems as perfunctory as a high-five. 

Our first week of working with Jack didn't go entirely to plan: first he had a family bereavement and then after travelling to shoot him stripping live, the venue cancelled the show. Luckily Jack allowed us a peek into own private photo collection for a full reveal and his solo now up too.


On the Road

January 21, 2017 14:55
Full movie: Jack tries to complete his first solo while girlfriends and customers demand his attention...

On the road with Jack

December 10, 2016 20:14
We spend a late afternoon with Jack as he prepares for a Saturday night strip show.

Jack's Personal Album

December 4, 2016 09:46
A very revealing dip into new model Jack's own pics hot from his smart phone.

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