Strapping young Jack was an instant hit when he first appeared on the site in 2009 and yet he has never understood why our readers have consistently made a fuss of him. This thoughtful, fair-skinned lad says he's always lacked confidence in his looks but there's certainly something about his solid broad frame, big muscular legs and his cowboy swagger that have proved irresistible.

We discovered Jack quite by accident playing rugby with his team one damp, grey afternoon. Initially he was rather wary of our interest in him as it just so happens this wasn't the first time he'd been approached by producers of adult movies – had we seen him somewhere else before?

At the time Jack was clearly up for a challenge – his drunken lads' holiday snaps were a testament to that – and he attracted plenty of female attention but he felt it was mainly to do with his profession: just by mentioning his rescue missions seemed to guarantee him plenty of sex and one-off encounters but he was dreaming of finding the right girl to settle down with and start a family

It was therefore inevitable that Jack would have to put his dare-devil ways behind him and regrettably for us this dark horse was put out to graze. He did however leave behind some honest chat and a very sexy and startling portfolio.

Wash Day

August 31, 2012 12:56
We return to Jack's flat for a catch-up and a snapshot of his life in 2012.

Jack's New Pad

September 16, 2010 10:19
It's throwback Thursday: an early Jack shoot is now four times the size.

Meet Jack

November 22, 2009 08:09
Here's our professional hero Jack stripping off under hot studio lights for some hi-res photography

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