Handsome Henry may look like your classic Fulham boy but don't call him a Hooray-Henry – he's sick of that tag. Our latest model did enjoy an excellent education and some privilege – he even looks a bit like David Cameron from some angles – but he is by no means your arrogant toff. We first made contact with Henry about two years ago but he's so bad at returning calls that we almost gave up, so we're really thrilled he's finally on board.

Since it's taken so long to pin down 28-year-old Henry when we finally did get that call we jumped at the chance to shoot him the same day – even though it meant travelling miles to his father's country pad where he said he was 'stranded'. The delightfully dippy chap had lost his wallet the night before after a heavy night on the tiles and with his father away in Africa he was rather up Shit Creek, financially speaking and needed a large wadge of cash to get things moving again.


Henry Pulls it Off!

April 13, 2014 07:08
Hooray! We finally track down fun loving Fulham boy Henry hiding in the country.

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