Having just turned eighteen Greg has courageously put off University for a year or two while he gains some valuable life experience. He is off to the USA this summer which he hopes will help him decide what kind of career he really wants to pursue, but for now he is helping out at his father's firm.

Looking every inch the fresh-faced office boy in his smart new suit, the constant attention from the older women at work is clearly turning the young man's head. Although he stresses he loves girls his own age – he already has a ten month relationship under his belt – he now wants to prove he can satisfy a housewife or a hungry cougar. 

Up until a few years ago Gregory was your regular football-loving schoolboy with a little puppy fat to lose, but after a sudden growth spurt which has seen him shoot up to 6'3 in height, he now sports a beautiful lean frame with the tiniest waist and the longest legs. Although modest about his manhood he has received some wonderful compliments from the ladies he has been working his youthful magic on and keen to be chosen for a Housewife's Choice session. 

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