We weren't sure what to say when Fraser contacted the site for possible work as he has been a familiar fixture on the male modelling scene for the past few years and what's more he proved to be a very versatile model – what more could we bring out in this cheerful, accommodating young man? As we did with Adam Coussins we thought it would be nice for his fans to to see him at home – if he would agree to it.

It's always a privilege to be invited to shoot in a young man's private space and although Fraser divides his time living in two places, today we are in his own bedroom at his parents' house that he shares with his younger brother. The room is strewn with the usual boy stuff: football trophies, computers, childhood photos and he allowed us to capture the lot.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is the way his entire family have accepted Fraser's lifestyle. His mother didn't bat an eyelid that there was a cameraman in her house when she arrived home from work – in fact she made us all a cup of tea. Even the family dogs got in on the action; Fraser's usually camera shy canine friend was transfixed by the lens and decided she was going to be centre stage at any given opportunity. Fraser's fans should find this a valuable addition to their photo and film collection of the popular performer.

Fraser's Warm-up

February 1, 2013 21:33
Young Fraser prepares himself for the arrival of a special visitor.

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