Ethan and his twin brother contacted us recently to offer themselves as models and we were impressed with their compact and perfectly proportioned boyish frames. From their emails we could tell they were also as bright as buttons: both studying hard, sharing a sunny top floor flat and working extremely long hours to pay the rent.

When we finally met them earlier in the week we learned they had both developed Tourette's syndrome as children and subsequently endured years of teenage  bullying which has not surprisingly given the brothers a deep depency on eachother. It's perhaps also no surprise that the lads long to work mainly with animals as a future career – Ethan is obsessed with wolves.

Our interview today is with Ethan the elder brother (by a few minutes) and initially he gives us a brief account of what it's like having to control his ticking. We did think long and hard about presenting the lads on TFE, but ultimately these young men have become so strong from what they've experienced so far in life and they are certain they want to indulge their exhibitionist sides. Today Ethan can't wait to show off his vicious and very girthy tackle – it's a real bully.

Auditions: Ethan

February 7, 2016 09:53
Today we meet twin Ethan for the first time and hear what makes this exhibitionist tick.

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