This handsome boy with the porcelain complexion and airforce blue eyes is Duncan. He is nineteen-years of age with a deep Scottish accent (wait 'til you hear it) that is as adorable as his face. He joined the military at seventeen to become a guardsman but due to a recurrent injury is taking a break for a year. It's a bummer for him but it means he has some spare time to fool around with us.

Duncan kicked off his sex life at fifteen with a few girlfriends but didn't realise how beautifully hung he was until a 46-year-old housewife he was seeing expressed her surprise and gratitude two years later. When we asked him what colour his underpants would be for our shoot he told us he had dispensed with underwear at the age of fifteen too: he likes to hang loose. There is no doubt that Duncan is going to be lots of fun to work with, not just because he is experimental in the bedroom but because he is also a thoroughly decent and appreciative young man bound to steal many of our readers' hearts.


The Wanderer

May 12, 2018 15:54
The morning after: everyone is happy but nobody is sure when we'll be meeting up again.

Extra Duncan

November 3, 2017 18:04
A nosy chat to find out more about Duncan's private cuckolding activities.

Phoebe Meets Duncan

September 16, 2017 09:34
Phoebe had eyes for Duncan before she even knew what delights lay in store for her.

Au revoir Duncan

March 11, 2017 23:34
Our final conversation with Duncan as he heads for pastures new in his quest for excitement and fortune.

Duncan Meets Holly

February 25, 2017 13:58
Duncan's imminent leaving of the UK made his last scene for us a rather bitter-sweet affair.

Pit Stop

November 6, 2016 22:32
A flying visit from Duncan and an opportunistic solo for us. New film up now.

A Place of My Own

June 12, 2016 19:05
Smiles from the wounded soldier at last: we visit Duncan at home in his own bachelor pad.

Duncan's Playroom

October 31, 2015 22:39
Duncan begins to really open up about his personal tastes and gives us his most explicit solo yet

Time Off

October 18, 2015 08:03
Straight into a new film of the stoic soldier Duncan as he takes a break in the country with us...

Duncan's Personal Album

September 21, 2015 08:04
A little peak into Duncan's past heads up the return of twenty of our model's personal galleries today.

Meet Duncan

June 14, 2015 08:53
Duncan is currently on leave from the military but nothing will stop him going commando.

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