Twenty-seven-year-old Dominic was recommended to us by a reader who has already been bedded several times by this capable and worldy-wise young man. An electrician by trade who keeps his fingers in lots of pies when it comes to making money (he has recently been very successful making Bitcoin profit) Dom has a sexually confident rakish charm about him – with a good blob of Russell Brand thrown in.

After a relatively slow start in the sex stakes from fourteen to twenty, Dom gained most of his sexual experience after he moved to the Welsh countryside with his family. He says the country girls he met there had no idea how beautiful they were, and were quite enamoured of this boy from London with an accent they consdered to be that of a gangster. "They were all over me like a rash!"  he fondly recalls.

Now back living in London, Dominic is the second model in two weeks who has expressed his regret at how the internet and social media is wreaking havoc on personal relationships. "After one brief argument it's so easy for both parties to hook up with somebody else that a reconciliation is often unlikley." He adds that all the pretty girls he knows are constantly hounded by other men on social media and so he’s given up on romantic involvement for now.

His current preference is for lots of varied lovers, and one of his recent conquests (or was it the other way round) was a 59-year-old divorced mum who virtually dragged him home from the local pub after an evening of heavy drinking. One of her more bizarre requests was asking him to insert his foot into her vagina after which she proceeded to extract every last drop of semen from the boy’s body from midnight to dawn...

Meet Dom

March 2, 2019 19:56
Check out Dominic who could be a fun new addition to the TFE family.

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