Young Dexter has just turned eighteen and has contacted us to appear in a Housewife's Choice feature having gained a great deal of sexual experience from a painfully early age.

His life was shattered four years ago when his mum passed away leaving him as head of the family at just fourteen. He was forced to grow up fast in every aspect of his life and discovered that older women wanted to mother him – and more.

Dexter's handsome Jamaican father has remained largely absent in his life but he has left his son a rather lucky physical gift. The lad has subsequently been seduced by several mature women including a former teaching assistant who at least waited until the lad was sixteen.

We met up with Dexter for a filmed interview on one of the last sunny afternoons of the summer while the Red Arrows created red, white and blue stripes and giant love hearts in the skies above us. 

When Dexter Met Phoebe

May 26, 2018 15:27
Dexter and Phoebe have saved the consummation of their year long online friendship until today...

The Big Reveal

November 7, 2015 20:45
One woman's pleasure is another girl's pain. Kind gentle Dexter shows us his secret weapon.

Introducing Dexter

September 13, 2015 21:59
Dexter's interview is PG rated but details of his sexual history are quite outrageous.

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