Having seen David's pictures all over the web we were surprised when he contacted us for more work in 2010 and asked him if he thought he might be spreading himself a bit too thinly by being readily available to so many professional and amateur photographers alike. As ever he had a cheeky retort, "If I'm not on your site then you're lagging behind!"

Under various pseudonyms ‘David’ had been doing the rounds on the male nude circuit for about a year before internet mini-stardom took him by surprise and was clearly still something of a novelty for this small town boy. Being blessed with exceptionally good looks and possessing a gym-perfect body he found he merely had to travel a few miles, smile and strip, to find his pockets lined with gold.

With his extremely photogenic face and body in huge demand we decided to get behind that familiar tattooed skin, to find the real person behind the pretty face and to know what makes this young man tick and what better place to start than at his own home – in bed – for what was to be the site's first filmed interview and solo.

Seven years later (2017) we have caught up with the twenty-nine-year-old David and have found him just as genuine; caring for animals more than ever and having given up eating meat as a consequence.

The Last Word

September 30, 2017 14:55
Post Script: Every last thing you wanted to know about David.

Seven Year Itch

August 19, 2017 13:00
Almost seven years to the day we hook up with the ever golden David.

At Home With David

July 27, 2010 16:40
Interviewed at home David tell's us how it feels to be the worldwide 'Flavour of the Month'.

David's Personal Album

July 7, 2010 16:45
Holiday photos taken by his girlfriend plus a few other yummy pics from David's past.

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