Newcastle born David was one of our founder models. He's been a boxer, a bouncer and even a bailiff and is what you might call a genuine tough guy but he is actually a curious mixture of shyness and aggression. He so often mentions his Northern roots that we have dubbed him our Angel of the North.

David has a flawlessly smooth physique with extremely impressive body definition having worked-out since he was seventeen. He receives heaps of compliments from other bodybuilders whenever he's training and we think he is a contender for one of the best British male backsides in the business – perhaps not a title David would relish holding but did you ever see a more perfect bubble butt?

Since we met him in 2002 David has gone from being a rather aggressive bulky muscleman with cropped hair, to a leaner more athletic shaped metrosexual businessman with a mane that's coiffed and coloured in Mayfair. This natural entrepreneur runs several of his own thriving businesses in London. His talent in business is matched only by his success with women; David is very much the ladies man and particularly loves exotic and latino women.

Dave 2015

December 6, 2015 11:59
We finally get to talk on film with David – one of our first models.

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