Darren was a semi-professional footballer when we first shot him in 2008 and he used to say "I'm not good looking – I'm rough." He certainly had bags of laddish charm and the kind of legs you'd expect from a man whose life revolved around playing and teaching football. Darren is 6'2 inches tall and very well built (it's actually quite hard to convey his height and strong physical presence in photographs) and believed he was an ideal candidate for working in the adult industry as he said he thought about women and sex almost every waking minute.

The idea of nude modelling only came about after a friend asked him to pose for an 'Ann Summers' style kinky lingerie catalogue. When the stylist asked if Darren might consider modelling a cock ring and even possibly getting a semi hard-on for the photograph he willingly obliged and gave them a full blown erection. As he looked around at a room full of production people and an admiring crew he realised he might have found his true vocation. Being naked in front of a team of footie players every Saturday for the past fifteen years has made Darren totally at ease with his body and he has no problem being worshipped by men as well as women.

Five Years On

November 30, 2014 11:44
Darren tells us what has been shaping his life as he celebrates the birth of his son.

Darren's Personal Album

January 10, 2012 07:49
While he was convalescing from his knee injury Darren showed us some of his own photos

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