Daniel is a good-mannered and pleasant lad whose well proportioned face, thick strawberry blond hair and big blue eyes got him noticed on the amateur photographers' circuit a few years back. His muscular frame and extremely photogenic cheeky grin have served him well too.

Daniel is a hardworking and industrious young builder who, when he has found himself short of work has been happy to knock on doors to see if he could make extra money doing house repairs, putting up shelves etc. His outgoing personality and passion for drama made him a natural choice for the juvenile lead in school plays – he even joined an amateur dramatic company after graduating – and he'll be the first to grab the karaoke microphone at his local pub.

Daniel's youthful confidence and sexy swagger has brought him lots of female attention – of all ages – which has subsequently given him even greater sexual confidence that he now puts to good use working in the more extreme areas of the adult industry.


Home Comforts

June 10, 2011 21:29
Daniel takes us back to his old den at the family home for a Full English exclusive.

Daniel's Personal Gallery

November 25, 2010 07:38
From his early pictures we can see that Daniel has always been a sociable and outgoing boy.

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