Cyrus came to the UK from Jamaica when he was just eight years old to live with relatives and once he had overcome the shock of our damp cold climate settled quickly into British life. Popular at school, Cyrus showed a huge aptitude for sports and was soon chosen, at twelve, to play for one of the country's top under sixteen football teams.

While it seems that well-hung black actors are a staple of the US adult industry we can't think of many British black guys who have established a porn career on their own turf. This could be due to the strong matriarchal set-up of West Indian families who came to settle in the UK; with Victorian colonial Christian values they brought up their boys to be god-fearing and church-going and it's fairly unusual to find a man from this background who is actively looking for work in the sex industry.

Living with extended family however means Cyrus can choose exactly how he wants to live his life and positively loves the fact that his friends and work colleagues think butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. At 6'4 he cuts an imposing figure when he enters a pub or club (we've witnessed it) and with his laid back almost expressionless face maintains a very enigmatic presence. Cyrus welcomes no-strings sex and takes full advantage of all the swinging and cuckolding scenarios that he is inevitably offered.

Cyrus: Now and Then

August 30, 2010 08:56
Finally: a chat on film with Cyrus after seven years brings his portfolio throbbing back to life.

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