Meet Conner – the younger brother of Andy and Paddy! Twenty-year-old Connor has recently moved from Ireland to the UK to be nearer his older brothers and like them he is entering the building trade. He's being trained under Andrew and having a ball, in fact he’s following in their footsteps in more ways than one!

Connor hadn’t been especially close to Andy until recently when he also found out about his brother’s underground career; this was after a recent ex-girlfriend of Andy’s decided to furiously circulate a few revenge photographs on social media. Connor was amused and interested in his brother's antics and mini-fame and decided he’d give the posing a go too.

Connor has the potential to be as wild as his bros when it comes to action with the opposite sex. He got started in his early teens and says he's worked his way through all his female buddies and now intends to sow some wild oats over here in Blightie.

Connor has a sweet and delicious broad accent and Andy is now training him up in the gym to be broad in physical form too. Just one thing we’d like to know: how many more brothers are there?

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