Chris J

It was upon leaving a hotel last year after a shoot that we realised the chap driving our cab was the model and stripper Chris James who had been making quite a name for himself in the adult world as far back as 2001. Even though he'd appeared on such TV shows as Blind Date and Trisha, Chris was surprised that we knew who he was – we were just keen to know what he'd been up to for six years.

Chris explained he had got used to the comforts that come from having a more stable day job but was consequently getting 'fat'. We exchanged numbers and he said he'd be in touch but it was actually another year later before we got the call: "I've been toning up and I'm ready for my comeback!" So we jumped on a train to visit the stud who happened to be house-sitting for his granny while she was away on holiday.

Chris has a terribly short attention span and admits that working in the sex industry has desensitized his lovemaking: he now sees sex as more of a sport than a way to cement a lasting relationship which of course only makes him an even greater candidate for the business he finds himself returning to – and so the cycle goes on. Now looking more like his old alter-ego 'Heart throb' Chris has subsequently been snapped up one of the UK's top stripping companies: watch out for him coming to a city near you soon.

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