Chris C

Chris cut his teeth in the adult business quite recently and saying that he jumped in at the deep end is a bit of an understatement: his S&M scenes were more like a baptism of fire. A dreamy solo in the country therefore is probably a piece of cake for this northern lad with a high pain threshold but it's a great chance for Chris's fans to hear his backstory and understand his motivation for carving out a career in the sex industry. It's also a chance for us to gives his beautful face some proper lens-attention at last.

We first met Chris on a bitterly cold day last winter for an in-depth interview and once again on a sunny warm autumn day for his solo. His aquamarine blue eyes seemed more melancholic than usual and he told us he was missing his girlfriend, whom he'd met at university, very much indeed after her return to East Asia.

Chris was down south for a number of modelling assigmnents and so we just missed out on the full blond bush but the rest of his equipment gets the full Hollywood treatment for this update. He is proud of his manhood but like many well endowed boys he says it isn't all fun and has been asked more than once to go easy with his cervix-basher. 

Chris Close-Up

October 6, 2018 23:17
After requests from our readers, familiar face Chris gets the Full English treatment.

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