Chris is currently working hard to become a specialist engineer and is an exceptional example of young English manhood. He comes from a secure loving family and is looking forward to devoting himself (one day) to a wife and having loads of kids. For now though he is quite happy to sow his wild oats and have lots of fun showing off the substantial gifts that life has bestowed upon him.

Christopher is an astoundingly confident young man who once worked as a semi-naked waiter, so when a talent scout suggested he model for us he jumped at the chance. We set a date – he wasn’t worried about a preliminary meet-up – and he swept into town in his sports car with his kit-bag and sandwich box in hand and went straight for the complete solo.

Chris lost his virginity respectably at the age of seventeen on a school trip to Japan. Perhaps it was because his buddy was losing his cherry right beside him to another girl that performing in public seems to be a breeze now. Christopher is extremely charming and polite and now twenty-two, has honed his sexual skills, considerably, developing some delicious kinks that you can hear all about in his interview film.

After Six

July 6, 2013 11:34
Mum wanted me to be a priest admits hearthrob Christopher.

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